Nautilus Music-Theater presents
The Wesley Balk Opera / Music-Theater Institute
for Performers, Directors, and Coaches

June 29 through July 19, 2014
Augsburg College Campus
Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota

The Wesley Balk Opera/Music-Theater Institute is unlike any other professional development program in the country. Now in its thirty-eighth year, the Institute builds upon the basic skills of singing, acting, and moving, and unifies these essential musical and theatrical components into integrated performance. The intensive three-week session features an outstanding staff of instructors who create a stimulating and challenging environment, providing respectful observation, support, and instruction by focusing on individual growth instead of competition or comparison. Special attention is given to ways in which a radiant performer interacts with the artform, their colleagues, and their community. Since its inception, the Institute has had a profound impact upon hundreds of participants who have found its concepts applicable to all styles of performance, ranging from traditional opera to Broadway musicals to new and experimental music-theater. The Institute is part of the professional development program of Nautilus Music-Theater, a group of operatic theater artists known nationally for creating new operas and music-theater, and exploring classic works in innovative ways.

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